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healingwords's Journal

Healing Words Prayer Warriors
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Welcome Warriors!

This is new community as of September 2002. This commmunity is especially for Prayer Warriors in the Body of Chirst who have and unction to pray in the Spirit. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and pricipalities and spiritual wickedness in high places.

Join The Healing Words Prayer Warriors Community

If you dont wish to become a Warrior but would like us to pray for you,
Submit a prayer request to the Healing Words Prayer Warriors and the warriors will begin doing spiritual warfare for your needs. Private prayers will only be viewable to the warriors.

If your prayer gets answered
, please return and
let us know so we can rejoice together and praise God together.

I hope this Community will be a blessing to each
and every one of you. As we pray together, touch and agree, let The Holy Spirit
have His way with our prayer life. You are encouraged to post Scriptures concerning
Spiritual Warfare and encouragement to all the warriors.

As prayer requests are received through the online
form I will post them into the community for each of you to read and pray for.
You are welcome to post other prayers and your own prayers into the journal
also for others to read and pray for. Please submit private prayers as viewable
for only the members to view as a courtesy orprivacy.

This is your community gathering in HIS name for
the glory of God to be reveiled through our faith in Christ Jesus the Messiah!
So put on your Armor and get ready for attack!

"Watch out Satan, we've been given the keys to the kingdom!"