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I am very distressed:

I have been ill for sixteen months.

Disability (state) ran out four months ago.

My family medical leave ran out.

I lost my job, my private healthcare, and now I must rely on State Funded Healthcare. So far, I can not qualify for federal disability because county is dragging their feet on my diagnosis.

We are going to loose our apartment at the end of the month (May) if steady income does not begin to come in. My husband is in school and is in class 40+ hours a week, and still has homework to do. Its impossible for him to hold down even a small job, and his schooling is a gift from his parents. When he graduates in July 06 he is gauranteed job placement in an industry that is very lucrative. (starting out at $60000 a year, though with his current grades, and reputation at school its likely to be closer to 80 starting.

The electricity is due, the phone is due.....

My car died (unrepairable), and we have to get rid of it as we can not leave it behind when we leave this apartment, but I have nothing to have it towed away with, nor can I pay to register it for the year.

Thanks to our friends we have food to eat.

OH, and I got a ticket last year that due to my illness and the medications I was on I forgot about, so in order to renew my license I have to pay $398.00.

We are in need of a miracle:

We need steady income.
We need a home that is ours (so that we are not a burden on someone else...ie the inlaws)
We need transportation.
We need to be responsible with our bills and money when it comes in
We need stability for our children
I need a diagnosis.

Please know that all my life I have taken care of others and I have had and continue to have wonderful people in my life that take care of me.

I vow to repay this miracle with every action I take. I will continue to be a good steward of my talents. I will help others less fortunate than me. My husband and I plan to start a couple of non profit organizations to help out low income families as soon as he is working.

I need a sign of hope. I am so depressed right now.
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