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Healing Words Prayer Warriors' Journal
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Date:2007-01-24 17:06
Mood: hopeful

I am new! I am wondering...is this community mainly for prayer requests? If it helps, I do have one.

Prayer list:
1. I need a car.
2. I need a job.

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Date:2006-09-21 14:11
Subject:Pray for injured sister in Christ

(New to this community, glad I can come with others and pray for those in need)

A sister in Christ, Jules, who I know from a Christian email list was in a very serious auto accident a few days back. She is in intensive care, feeding tube, heavily sedated, with many serious injuires. I ask for prayer for her healing, prayer for the doctors and nurses who are caring for her, for the driver of the car she was in, who was drinking and driving and fell asleep, who does not know the Lord as his savior.


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Date:2006-08-26 20:14

Just wanted to let you know that there's a new prayer community called Isaiah 29.

It just started today so there's nothing there yet. But check it out, post your prayer requests, thoughts, questions, etc. Hopefully it'll take off, 'cause I think it could be something great.

Thanks & God Bless.

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Date:2006-07-10 23:03
Subject:please pray
Mood: depressed

please pray
my best freind is going through a VERY VERY hard time. she is not saved and is in an abusive relationship, that she is scared to break off. i am afraid she is drinking again. i an saddened and wearied by this. i have known her since we were seven. we are both going on 20 this year. we are quite close, but i seem to sence more about her than she senses me. i read her well, and right now she is at one of the lowest points she has ever been. we've been through alot together, rape, suicides, drugs, alcohol...etc...through each one i have come back to God and closer to Him. and each time she has gone further away and surfacely better, maybe more stable emotionally, but she's spiritually broken. she doesn't let people truly close. she feels like things are all like broken shards of glass inside and if someone gets close the shards are going to break through leaveing her even more torn and the other person hurting. I know this feeling well. i was like that, sometimes i still can feel like that. right now i am recovering from my own total crushing through my own crappy decisions and i am just so tired. i can't do anything else for her, and God is the only one who can help her get out of where she is at. please please pray for her.

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Date:2006-04-24 21:16

Wednesday I have an appointment at UCSF Pain Clinic. I have very suddenly had a panic over this appointment. I am not sure why. Maybe it is because I always get my hopes up and always get them dashed when it comes to help.

Aja is coming with me. (THANK YOU!!!!!!!) I am very glad she is coming with me.

I hope to get cued into some alternate treatment methods, but I am also hoping for something to actually help with the pain on a consistant basis. Maybe even get enough pain relief to start exersizing again.

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Date:2006-03-25 22:39
Mood: tired

Hi there...I'm new here. I don't know why I never thought to look for a prayer community on LJ, but I did tonight and I found you guys.

The past few years of my life have been dark, they've been desert-like. I have felt empty, alone, lost...at times I've felt like God put me in a room and stepped outside, locking the door. I could still hear his voice 'I am with you' but I couldn't get close enough to feel him the way i wanted to. Everything was stripped from me...my dreams, my friends, everything. And then God began to slowly give them back...little by little.

But the biggest curve-ball came when I tried to return to L.A. (I'm Canadian, from Vancouver) to be in Hollywood to go after the burden on my heart...and I wasn't able to get across the border...now I am in Toronto. I don't know anyone here. I did find a church, but I'm bewildered and lonely and frustrated with life. I'm a screenwriter. I have a dream that won't leave me, stories I know I need to tell for Jesus but again I am unemployed, living off savings, and in a bad roommate situation.


- peace in my apartment, for the issues with my roommate to be solved and solved quickly.
- a job, preferably a job related to film/TV that can lead me to where I feel called
- my writing, that it would honour Him in content and quality and that I would be able to write inspite of difficult circumstance

Everything is hard. that's life, I know. I am just really tired of the rut, of this particular circle and I am needing to enter some place new and better. Your prayers are very appreciated and needed. Also, anyone can feel free to email me, or message me for real-time msn prayers or just to talk. Just post a comment on here and I'll tell you how. :) Bless you all.

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Date:2006-03-20 13:09
Subject:A request for a prayer of confort to my soul and heart

I feel so sad...
I feel lonely...
I been asking God to take this pain away
please pray for me..
I need God to confort me..in this time of pain...
i aready had suicidal attempts..and i feel suicidal again...
please pray for me
i have a lot of pain inside
i beg for your prayers

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Date:2005-12-29 13:22

please pray for my ex and I. Shes always been a strong christian and I want her to stay that way, and not sway from the path of God because of temptation. Remove those who would bring her down from her life in God, and replace them with those who would uplift her in Christ. Show her that his path is the only path, and protect her from those who would defile that. Be with her as she goes off to college, and please if it is God's will, let us get back together, because my heart hurts so bad from all of this.

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Date:2005-12-06 15:23

Please send healing thoughts to my daughter.

She is nine and is really struggling with social skills which is making school hard for her. She is a brilliant little girl, and has a large heart (she has raised $200.00 for Katrina relief, donated her hair to locks of love, and is constantly doing wonderful thoughtful things for others). Yet at school she really struggles with socially acceptable behavior.

She is a survivor of incest and domestic violence. She has been in counseling and does just fine at home and at the sitters, but school continues to be a struggle.

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Date:2005-07-13 23:08
Subject:Our dog, Sarah...
Mood: prayerful

Please help me pray for our dog, Sarah. The vet says she has canine hepatitis. She's been taken someplace else (for treatment) because we have newborn puppies in the house, and the disease is said to be contagious. Whatever God plans for her, i pray that Sarah will know always that we miss her and we love her. Jesus heals! and i hope and pray He'll do wonders for Sarah.

Thank you guys so much. God bless you all!

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Date:2005-07-05 12:57
Subject:New Community-- Prayer For India!

Greetings one and all,

This community is being established for those who desire to pray for India, have a heart for India, who are Indian (living anywhere), are missionaries in India, or just want to check out what God is doing in that large region. The purpose of this community will be cultural exchange between regions of India (anything from Divali to Desi food recipes to religious/cultural study to Bollywood), understanding, keeping up with news and needs of India, and correspondences between all affiliated with India in some way.

I look forwards to seeing what God will accomplish as we all gather together with one purpose.
--- all welcome to join ---

++will be cross-posted++

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Date:2005-04-23 17:11
Mood: depressed

I am very distressed:

I have been ill for sixteen months.

Disability (state) ran out four months ago.

My family medical leave ran out.

I lost my job, my private healthcare, and now I must rely on State Funded Healthcare. So far, I can not qualify for federal disability because county is dragging their feet on my diagnosis.

We are going to loose our apartment at the end of the month (May) if steady income does not begin to come in. My husband is in school and is in class 40+ hours a week, and still has homework to do. Its impossible for him to hold down even a small job, and his schooling is a gift from his parents. When he graduates in July 06 he is gauranteed job placement in an industry that is very lucrative. (starting out at $60000 a year, though with his current grades, and reputation at school its likely to be closer to 80 starting.

The electricity is due, the phone is due.....

My car died (unrepairable), and we have to get rid of it as we can not leave it behind when we leave this apartment, but I have nothing to have it towed away with, nor can I pay to register it for the year.

Thanks to our friends we have food to eat.

OH, and I got a ticket last year that due to my illness and the medications I was on I forgot about, so in order to renew my license I have to pay $398.00.

We are in need of a miracle:

We need steady income.
We need a home that is ours (so that we are not a burden on someone else...ie the inlaws)
We need transportation.
We need to be responsible with our bills and money when it comes in
We need stability for our children
I need a diagnosis.

Please know that all my life I have taken care of others and I have had and continue to have wonderful people in my life that take care of me.

I vow to repay this miracle with every action I take. I will continue to be a good steward of my talents. I will help others less fortunate than me. My husband and I plan to start a couple of non profit organizations to help out low income families as soon as he is working.

I need a sign of hope. I am so depressed right now.

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Date:2004-12-10 01:42
Subject:Two Wolves

By: Anonymous

An old Cherokee was teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy. "It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."


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Date:2004-11-24 17:42
Subject:Prayer request

Please pray for a Christian couple in Portland, OR. Their 24 yo son died of a drug overdose this week. Left behind an 18 yo brother. Don't know if it was accidental or not. Do know that they are very grieved.

Also my brother just had a hernia repair and still needs to have surgery on his back. Finances are tight and he enjoys the pain meds just a little too much. He is struggling in his faith.

Thanks so much. I am new to the community. I love Jesus and am called to be an intercessor. Glad to find you all. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Date:2004-10-21 01:08

I felt a tug when I stumbled upon this community so I knew I had to join. I'm Sara :) 21 from Michigan. Just thought I'd give that brief introduction. God bless!

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Date:2004-10-17 17:40
Subject:What are you?

If I associate with chickens I will learn to scratch at the ground and squabble over crumbs. If I associate with eagles I will learn to sore to great heights.........I am an eagle.

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Date:2004-09-30 15:08

hey everyone, what`s shakin`?

my name`s erika & i`m new to this community and lj. this is one of the best communitys i`ve seen and stands for so much i believe in, so of course, i had to join.

i`m looking to meet new friends on here, so if you`d like too, you can add me, and i`m sure i`ll add you back.

God bless you all!


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Date:2004-09-19 16:03

Hey I just got word that there is a virus traveling out there and all and well I just thought I might let you guys know and all.

Here's a virus being e-mailed to lj users and it looks like this:

Dear LiveJournal user,
We have recently noticed that you haven't updated your LiveJournal in
awhile. If you would like to keep your LiveJournal account, you must sign in
within the next 24 hours.
You may sign in at: {link removed}
Failure to sign in within the next 24 hours will result in account termination.

Please, post this in your personal journal and in your communities, even if it's off-topic for the community. This is very important.

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Date:2004-09-18 13:50
Mood: thankful

The time for spiritual warfare is here so get your tongue rolling and you prophetic eye open because we have to save these people. 80% of the church is not saved and if we dont save them and tell others about Jesus because their blood is in our hands if we don't. we must save God's children and bring in the baptism of the Holy Spirit because play time is so over.

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Date:2004-04-25 16:30

I found Jesus the other day, I'm keeping him in my trunk

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